Earn Bitcoin from your blog or website

Today i will teach you on how to earn bitcoin in your blog/website basic steps.
First you need a blog or website. you can use blogger.com for hosting and domain. now lets start

1) First Register here
2) Submit your website that you create. and fill-up the other blank.
3) Now after register and create account. you need to copy the codes that gave to you and paste to your website/blog.
4) Done!

You can earn bitcoin someone visit or click the ads in your blog or website

There are two option to withdraw the bitcoin:
1) Withdraw direct to your bitcoin address.
2) Withdraw via Faucetsystem.

For direct Withdraw to your Bitcoin wallet you need 100,000 satoshi balance in your account.

or Withdraw via faucet system you can withdraw of minimum 1 satoshi.

im using via faucetsystem coz so easy and low minimum withdraw require.

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